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Minimum Requirements
Browser/Device Requirements for viewing
Browser/Device Requirements for viewing

How to view PerformaTV

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The PerformaTV website and video player are supported on most popular desktop and mobile platforms. We strongly recommend keeping your device’s operating system and browser as up-to-date as possible to avoid any bugs or potential security vulnerabilities.

Below you’ll find our minimum requirements for accessing and playing videos on

Supported browsers — video playback

The video playback is supported in browsers that can decode H.264 videos in an HTML5 player. Due to security vulnerabilities, we no longer support Flash.

The video playback is supported using these browsers:

  • Chrome 50+

  • Firefox 45+

  • Safari 11+

  • Opera 40+

  • Edge


The PerformaTV video player operates on mobile and tablet devices, but we can only guarantee full functionality on platforms that are still supported by their providers.

Android mobile and tablet users can access the video player using browsers installed on Android 8.0 (Oreo) and newer devices. We recommend downloading Chrome or Firefox for Android. These browsers have their own system requirements; newer browser versions may not be compatible with earlier versions of Android.

iOS/iPadOS users can access the video player from iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad by using the pre-installed Safari browser running iOS 12, iPadOS 12, or newer.

Third-party browsers installed from the App Store such as Chrome, Edge, or Firefox use the Safari rendering engine and should function identically to Safari.

Users of Blackberry, Palm, Windows Phone, and other mobile platforms may be able to view videos on browsers that support HTML5. The video player is not tested in these environments, so support for these platforms cannot be guaranteed.

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