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How can I purchase a game?
How can I purchase a game?

How do I buy a game?

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Click on the 'Live Upcoming Game', 'On-Demand' or 'Highlight' you wish to watch. Once you are on the event page you will see a Buy Now button. If this is your first time using our platform we will show a checkbox "I can confirm that I've tested my browser/device and I can the example video", you will only see this once and this is to confirm that your browser/device supports our video player.

After clicking on the Buy Now button you will be directed to the checkout page. Enter your card details or you can pay by Apple Pay or Google Pay directly from your device.

After you purchase the game you will be emailed a receipt of your payment and you will be automatically redirected back to the events page you will see a preview of the game coming soon or you can start the playback of the video if it's an on-demand and highlight video.

Once the game goes live the stream will start automatically. If the stream does not automatically start for you, please refresh your browser.

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